Spring 2017

Level Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Reverse Coed A Foothill
BB Gold Foothill
Sterling Wilcox large (upper, power)
Wilcox (upper, Ken)
Cubberley (lower, Leah and Candice)
Silver Academy/Wilcox aux. (power)
Academy (lower)
Women's A/BB Gold Foothill
BB Sterling Wilcox large (upper)
Wilcox (lower) (Laurie's league)
Wilcox aux. (lower) (Smitha's league)
Coed A Academy
BB Wilcox large Wilcox large Peterson
B Returning Peterson Academy
Wilcox (May)
Wilcox aux. (Ken)
Recreational Peterson Wilcox (red)
Wilcox aux. (green)

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Industrial Volleyball League, Inc.
Kirk Anderson, Director
947 Emerald Hill Road
Redwood City, CA 94061
650-365-2666 9am-5pm M-F
650-367-0881 (fax)

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