How to Sign Up

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Industrial Volleyball League, Inc. organizes indoor volleyball competition in the southern San Francisco peninsula and San Jose area. We offer five levels of play in the coed, ranging from recreational play to open competition. There are four levels in the reverse coed, four in the women's and three in the men's (when offered). For more information on the levels, go to League Format.

Our seasons run approximately eight to nine weeks with playoffs. Each league meets once per week and usually consists of six or nine teams (depending upon the number of courts at their facility). Each night, three teams play a 6 game round-robin on one court (team A x team B, team A x team C, team B x team C).

While two teams play, the third team officiates. Each team is required to provide a referee, an umpire and two line judges. Referees are certified by taking a written test prior to their first experience as officials. The IVL provides paid referees and umpires during the playoffs.


You have a team looking for a player? You a player looking for a team? Click on "Free Agent" at the website and check it out. The listings get refreshed approximately every 30 days.

GETTING REFS CERTIFIED (each team needs at least two certified refs)

New referees can now take our new online referee test. Take the test, have it corrected online, then bring the printed out results to your league supervisor for certification. See Referee's page for details.

Summer IVL

Leagues start the week of June 19.

League Fee: $570/team, payable to IVL, Inc.

How to Participate in the Upcoming Summer Season

Send in your application (fax, mail, WWW as soon as possible).

Sign up and payment deadline is Tuesday, June 13.
Checks can be brought to Peterson on June 12 or June 13 between 7:00 and 8:00pm.
(Checks will not be deposited until after the first night of league play.)

Note: Teams reserving court time at the practice nights are expected to bring 5, if not 6 players, please.

NEW REVERSE COED TEAMS & NEW COED TEAMS should reserve court time for Monday, June 12 at Peterson, 7:15 pm.
(Returning reverse coed and coed teams may also request court time but preference will be given to new teams.)

NEW WOMEN'S AND NEW COED TEAMS should reserve court time for Tuesday, June 13 at Peterson, 7:15 pm.
(Returning women's and coed teams may also request court time but priority will be given to new teams.)

Use the check box on the application. Peterson is at 1380 Rosalia Ave. in Sunnyvale.

Confirmation of Entry

E-mail confirmations will be sent within 24 hours of receiving your application. If you haven't received a personal reply within 24 hours of sending your application, please contact us. We will e-mail official letters of acceptance (with details of starting time, location, etc.) by noon on June 16.

League schedules will be available at the web site at the end of the first week of play.

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