David's Rules

(also known as "David Rules" to some . . .)

David Hirose, long-time supervisor and referee in the IVL, wrote this commentary as a supplement to the formal IVL Rules:

Teams are given 5 minutes after a match has been completed to warm up for their match. Within this time limit, stretching, pepper, hitting lines and serving should be completed. Most of the IVL referees will blow their whistles to signal to the teams to end warmups and assume their positions on the court. Referees generally say "Last hit" or "Line up" or both. Some teams feel this means to stop the hitting line and start serving. An IVL warmup is not the same as a high school or college match you may have seen or played in. The last two minutes of warmups for high school and college is for both teams to serve. After that, no warmup of any kind is permitted. In the IVL, if one team wishes to practice serving, they must do it within the 5 minute window. If both teams wish to practice serving, the two captains should coordinate when to start serving. Misunderstandings between teams can occur when one team huddles together before the start of a match and has to play dodge ball from incoming serves from their opponents. Referees and opposing teams will object to this since this is an abuse of the 5 minute rule.

Between games, if your team wishes to have a hitting line, you should direct those spikes into your side of the court that you will be on for game 2. That means you will have to occupy the same side of the court with your opponents until the game starts. Players have been hit by opposing players who don't follow this practice. Hitting down the line or away from the opposing team is not the solution nor the IVL rule.

When you are in a hitting line, always try to hit down the line and have someone shag your spike. Shagging your own ball is not a good idea since it means the other team quite often has to shag it for you or it results in an adjacent court having a ball on. People have been hit by spikes who were on the sidelines because no one was shagging. Hitting cross court will usually result in picking off the hitting lines of your opponents or interfering with warmups or play on other courts. If you are going to spike from the middle, let the other setter know so there are no accidents. Please use proper court etiquette.

Many times, players will ask or demand to know whether a player on the opposing team touched a ball or committed a foul. The correct procedure is to ask the ref, who will make the call based on what his or her reffing team saw. Only the captain can talk to the ref. Talking through the net is not allowed.

This fyi sheet is to help clear up some misunderstandings and make it more enjoyable for everyone. It is everyone's responsibility to know the rules, not just the captains or team reps. Several times recently, captains have disputed a call and referred to an out of date rules book. Please be up to date on current rules. If you are not clear about a rule, contact the IVL office.

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