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Sprocket's in Los Gatos has provided the t-shirts for the IVL since 2006. Sprocket's owner Greg Agnelli and graphic designer Josh Lyngar are responsible for the many creative and original t-shirts that each season's winners receive. The Sprocket's logo on the left sleeve is on all of the shirts these days. Adds a nice touch. The IVL purchases all of its equipment from Sprocket's (

Photo 35
Photo 34 The Tom Jack memorial shirt. Sort of a retro look back when Tom first started volleyball worldwide. Many thanks to Tom for all his contributions to the sport.
Photo 33 Not often you see a "square" volleyball.
Photo 32 In honor of the Warrior's success. Note the volleyball net substituted for the Golden Gate Bridge.
Photo 31
Photo 30 In honor of their World Series win, we used the Giants' colors and it became one of our most popular shirts in the history of the IVL.

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