Captain's Do's & Don'ts

Some suggestions for IVL captains:

  • Read through "How to Sign Up" and the application.

  • Sign up early, pay on time.

  • Call the IVL office (beforehand) if the check will be late. Don't force the IVL to call up and see if you still have a team since we didn't receive your check by the deadline date. (Teams usually lose priority if the payment is late and we're not informed ahead of time.)

  • Read the literature, especially the acceptance letter. It generally takes about 1 minute to go through that letter and it will tell you the time, date and directions for your league. There are some good reminders in the letter. Your team is working at a disadvantage if you don't read what the other captains are reading.

  • If there's a practice schedule posted, see which court your team is on and what side of the court you start on. You can then put your gear next to the court you're on and warm up on that court. The schedule will also tell you who serves first.

  • If it's a practice night the first night, the bottom of the practice schedule will tell you when to show up the next week (league schedules are not handed out on the practice night).

  • If it's league play the first night, make sure you pick up schedules for yourself and everyone else on the team.

  • Read the schedule and whatever is posted that night. We don't expect the players to read anything, but it is a good idea for the captains to.

  • The IVL runs pretty smoothly when there are organized captains who pass the important information along to their players.

  • When the league supervisor introduces himself or herself the first night, pay attention to any special ground rules or details so you can remind your team.

  • Remind your players that there is no food or drink allowed in the gyms. Sealed water bottles only.

  • Pick up a roster from the supervisor and have everyone sign it. Turn it in at the end of the night. You cannot take the roster home with you. If someone shows up next week who wasn't there the first night, have that player sign the roster (the supervisor will always have the roster) before they go out and play. You can add anyone at any time during the season; just have the new player sign the roster before they play.

  • Remember that a player must play at least two separate nights to be eligible for the playoffs. The IVL is strict on that policy. We can only relax the playoff rule if one of your players is injured in front of everyone else at the league on the last league night (and you won't be able to field a full team) or when we change the date of the playoffs.

  • On the last league night, captains should not leave until they find out from the supervisor what the final standings are and who is and who isn't in the playoffs. If you did make playoffs, find out who you're playing and when, so you can tell all your players that night before they leave.

  • If you lose something at one of the playing sites, call the IVL office, not the school.

  • When your players are warming up for a match, make sure they are playing pepper or passing the ball to their partners lengthwise (so one player's back is to the net) rather than side to side. Teams on adjacent courts will experience fewer balls-on as a result.

  • Tell the other team before you start your hitting line (and hit line, not cross-court).

  • Throw the ball back to the next hitter in the hitting line when you retrieve it, don't roll it.

  • Why rush your team? If a schedule says 7:00 first serve, that doesn't mean show up at 7:00. Gyms generally open at least 20 minutes, usually 30 before the start of play.

  • Ask the league supervisor if you have any questions or call the IVL office.

  • During games, the captain should look at the referee after every play, even if the ruling looks like it should be obvious. The call may be something you don't expect, like the other team (or your team) going into the other court or going under the net, etc.

    It's in both the captain's interests as well as the IVL, that your team has a good time. Let's work together so that happens.

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