Hand Signals

  1. Point
  2. Ball Came to Rest
  3. Double Fault, Re-serve, Playover
  4. Side Out
  5. Double Hit
  6. Illegal Block or Screen
  7. Ball "In" or Crossing Under Net, Foot Fault
  8. Crossing Center Line
  9. Player Out of Position, Wrong Server
  10. Ball "Out," Player Illegally on Adjacent Court
  11. Served Ball Fails to Cross Net, Player Touches Net
  12. Time-Out
  13. Ball "Out" After Contact by a Player
  14. Back Row Attack, Attack of Serve
  15. Substitution
  16. Four Hits
  17. Illegal Attack or Block Over the Net
  18. End of Game or Match
  19. Initiation of Service

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