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Welcome to the IVL's free agent registry. If you're a player seeking a new team, or if you're a team captain recruiting new players, use our registry to find the best available match.

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  • Here's How It Works

    The IVL Free Agent Registry is a way for teams and players to find each other. Players seeking teams or team captains seeking players can search our database of ads based on level, skills, location, and availability. We can then send an email on the searcher's behalf to the ad's poster to begin a dialog. If no suitable match is found, the searcher may post a new ad in our database.

    When matching ads to search criteria, a scoring system is used. If gender doesn't match, a score of zero is assumed and the match ends; otherwise, the score initializes to three. Three points are added if a team's league type (coed, men's, women's, etc.) matches a player's criteria. Three points are added if the level (A, B, etc.) matches. Two points are added if the league nights match the player's availability. Two points are added if the league's gym is in one of the player's selected cities. One point is added for each matching skill. Search results are presented with higher scores listed first. Matches that have scores of zero are omitted from the search results.

    Ads are kept for approximately 30 days. After that time, they no longer appear in our search results. They are retained for a short grace period so that search results being displayed in people's browsers for a long time can still retrieve them. After the grace period expires, the ads are deleted from our system.

    We do not publish people's email addresses directly on the Web. Instead, we save the addresses of those who post ads. When a searcher responds to an ad, our server will send the initial contact on behalf of the searcher to the poster's saved email address. The searcher consents to reveal his or her email address to the ad's poster so that replies to the initial email are delivered directly to the searcher's inbox.

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