History of the IVL

The IVL was originally organized as a booster group to increase fan support for the San Jose Diablos, a professional coed team that played in the late 1970's as part of the International Volleyball Association. When the IVA shut down operations, there were a multitude of inquiries regarding the status of the Industrial Volleyball League.

We took our cue and branched out on our own. From 7 teams that first season, we grew to 16, then 40, then 50. After eighteen months we hit the century mark and thought that was pretty exciting. Who knew then that the IVL would continue to grow into the largest volleyball league in the western United States, averaging 250 teams each season, with well over 2,000 participants playing weekly?

Past Awards

Each season has unique awards for winners of the playoff tournaments. Here you can see images of awards from past seasons.


The IVL averaged over 250 teams playing each week for a number of years. We occasionally published newsletters during that time.

Newsletter #1 (8 pages, 24MB PDF)
One season in the early 90's there were over 300 teams playing. We published a newsletter that went out to all the players that season. On page 6 is a photo of one of the IVL players with a Calvin face superimposed.

Newsletter #2 (excerpt, 1 page, 4.2MB PDF)
Another season we had 282 teams and also produced a newsletter with that same IVL player hitting a different set but with a Bart Simpson face.

The question of the day was which player was that? Many guesses were made and a few people got it right.

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