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Sprocket's in Los Gatos has provided the t-shirts for the IVL since 2006. Sprocket's owner Greg Agnelli and graphic designer Josh Lyngar are responsible for the many creative and original t-shirts that each season's winners receive. The Sprocket's logo on the left sleeve is on all of the shirts these days. Adds a nice touch. The IVL purchases all of its equipment from Sprocket's (

Photo 59 Winter 2023 T-shirt.
Photo 58 Nice to see the Sprocket's Logo back on the shirt sleeve in Fall 2022.
Photo 57 A retro look on a heather shirt.
Photo 56 A shirt in memory of Gary Wakai. One of our best for one of the best. Thank you, Greg and Josh. And Gary.
Photo 55 Our Sophomore Season, post-pandemic, featured this Winter 2022 Prize T-shirt, courtesy of Josh (artist) and Greg (Sprocket's).
Photo 54 The IVL returned for play in the Fall of 2021. Hats off to Josh and Greg for a timely design.

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