Prize T-shirts, 1979 to 2005 Index (Page 3)

The original prize shirts for the IVL playoff winners each season during the years 1979-2005 were provided by David Hirose of Just Volleyball. David did most of the design concept and sketches, Glen Marchant the graphic design artwork and Chris Snowbarger the t-shirt screen printing. These guys did some nice work.

Photo 54 Another one of the shirts that proved to be very popular.
Photo 53
Photo 52 The IVL worked with Gary Wakai in SF for a few seasons. This was for an outdoor league held at Marina Green.
Photo 51 The date and design explains why this was one of the shirts we were most proud of. Everyone seemed to want one.
Photo 50
Photo 49 The guys came up with some clever wording on this one.

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