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The original prize shirts for the IVL playoff winners each season during the years 1979-2005 were provided by David Hirose of Just Volleyball. David did most of the design concept and sketches, Glen Marchant the graphic design artwork and Chris Snowbarger the t-shirt screen printing. These guys did some nice work.

Photo 36 Randy Hirai was the artist for this design. The IVL used this design on several other shirts, especially when we first started out.
Photo 35 One of the more fun designs they came up with over the years. One of my favorites, as well. Especially the drawing of the "ancient" volleyball perched on top of the Greek column. Note: Some players never noticed what the columns spelled out.
Photo 34 One of our 15th Anniversary t-shirts. It seemed like the shirts with volleyballs as comets or meteors shooting through space were always well-received.
Photo 33
Photo 32 You can never go wrong with one of the "Property of" shirts.
Photo 31 Sort of a "wash" or "fade" where the colors would change from left to right was one of the styles at that time.

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