What Makes the IVL So Popular? (Over 10,000 teams couldn't be wrong)

From players in the IVL:

  • It's an opportunity to play on wood floors with state of the art sink-down volleyball standards.
  • You have more choices.
  • You get to play more games and the games are usually to 15 points in the leagues that play sideout scoring and 25 points in the leagues that play rally scoring.
  • With 7 levels of play, any team can find their appropriate level of competition.
  • Our team is spread out all over the south bay and peninsula, so we pick the best gym for us.
  • We like being able to change our choice of nights from time to time.
  • There are always new faces in the leagues, you never get tired of playing the same people.

    From some of the captains:

  • Our team skill level fluctuates from season to season, depending upon who's on the roster, so we can elect to play in a tougher league or an easier one.
  • When my team changed its personnel last season, we went from wanting to play on Mondays in San Jose to preferring Wednesdays in Menlo Park, and the IVL was able to accommodate us, no problem.
  • In the IVL, you can always move up or down, depending upon how well you do.

    And from one long-time captain in our league:

  • I think the IVL, all in all, has the best paid referees when we compete in the playoffs. They are as good as, or better than, other referees and they seem to, on the most part, be interested in trying to do a fair, impartial job, which is all I ever ask.

    After 22 years (more than 10,000 teams have participated) of serving the volleyball needs of Silicon Valley and the surrounding area, the IVL has a good idea of what people want. We're #1, but we still try harder anyway.

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